Real Estate Law Firm in Nigeria Real Estate and  property law practice of Lex Artifex, LLP covers structured transactions ranging from negotiating and drafting of real estate and personal property leases; ማግኛ, sale or financing of real estate developments; restructuring financial and mortgage obligations; review, analysis and resolution of title issues; recovery of secured or unsecured assets; and ensuring regulatory compliance in real estate matters.

Real Estate Law Firm in Nigeria

በሕግ አናጢ, LLP’s real estate practice covers due diligence, legal compliance, and documentation for structured transactions such as leases and acquisition, and project finance for real estate developments; as well as the recovery of secured or unsecured assets, ወዘተ.


We regularly represent our clients in a wide range of commercial real estate transactions, ጭምር:
  • Contract and Deed Drafting
  • Leasing and Purchase Options
  • Real Estate Closings, Financing, Negotiation, and Litigation
  • Purchase Agreement, Deeds Preparation
  • Title Examinations
For advisory and consultation, አንድ በቀጥታ የእኛን ቡድን አባል ወይም ኢሜይል ያነጋግሩ


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