Business Advisory Lex Artifex, LLP provides comprehensive business advisory services and advises on all aspects of corporate and commercial law, including the formation of companies, partnerships and joint ventures, foreign investment, regulatory compliance issues, contentious and non-contentious liquidations, receiverships, labour law and immigration. закон цясляр, ТАА. prides on having the specialised knowledge and skills necessary to help all our clients achieve their business objectives. Lex Artifex Law Firm Corporate Advisory practice covers domestic and foreign direct investments, commercial contracts, strategic alliances, equity and asset disposals, занятасць, due diligence and risk management, governance (including anti-trust, competition, business ethics and anti-corruption) and insolvency.

Business Advisory in Nigeria

Business Advisory

The Lex Artifex’s Trade & Investment Advisory Group represents Nigerian and international clients in a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial law matters, covering issues relating to company formation, сумесныя прадпрыемствы, licensing, падаткаабкладанне, business immigration, экспертыза, выкананне ўстаноўленых нормаў, private equity funding, debt financing, intellectual property filing and enforcement, звычаі, замежная валюта, international trade and foreign direct investments.
Lex Artifex LLP is the window for offshore investors looking to locate in Nigeria and the one-stop shop for companies seeking business expansion and licensing in Nigeria. We help clients avoid legal liabilities and to navigate the regulatory considerations for doing business in Nigeria.
To learn more about our advisory services, калі ласка, звяжыцеся з членам нашай каманды наўпрост або па электроннай пошце Адвакаты валодаюць англійскай мовай і працаваць з не гаваркімі па-ангельску кліентамі праз мову перакладчык.
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