fuusiot & Acquisitions merger and acquisition law firm in nigeria Engagement in the sensitive and multifaceted mergers & acquisitions process is familiar terrain for Lex Artifex, LLP. The firm leverages on its specialized knowledge in M&A transactions to consult and advise clients involved in M&A deals - be it buyers, myyjät, shareholders or debenture holders. meidän M&A practice area covers the identification of prospective partners, conducting due diligence, negotiating, drafting and review of legal documentation and interfacing with regulatory bodies to obtain sanction.

fuusiot & yritysostot

Sitoutuminen herkkä ja monipuolinen fuusiot & acquisitions process is part of our practice focus. Lex Artifex LLP hyödyntää sen erikoisosaamista neuvoo ostajia, myyjät, shareholders and debenture holders that are involved in M&yritysjärjestelyissä. meidän M&Käytäntö kattaa neuvontapalvelut, oikeudellinen due diligence, noudattaminen, oikeudelliset asiakirjat, ja vuorovaikutuksessa asianomaisten sääntelyelinten.

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