Doing Business in Nigeria: 以下係尼日利亞同海外商人做生意或希望建立或出口到尼日利亞可能需要我哋為佢哋處理的任務清單: Starting business in Nigeria

Starting business in Nigeria


在尼日利亞做生意: 以下係尼日利亞同海外商人做生意或希望建立或出口到尼日利亞可能需要我哋為佢哋處理的任務清單:
  • 利益表達的寫作 (EoIs) 用于諮詢服務和商業合同.
  • 寫商業計劃.
  • 進行盡職調查.
  • 與企業註冊 Cac.
  • 合夥契約的創建, 或股東協議, 諒解備忘錄和合資協議.
  • Execution of company secretarial services and documentation of company meetings.
  • Filing of company returns with Cac, 冷杉, , 等.
  • Execution of corporate searches at Cac.
  • Funds raising through the money market or capital market.
  • Negotiation of a loan or debt restructuring agreements.
  • Professional guidance on compliance issues such as in taxation, 就業, 保險, pension, environment protection, 等.

    都讀: 業務保護: 如何保護您的企業唔受歪曲事實嘅員工嘅影響

  • Creation of mortgage instrument.
  • Recovery of overdue debts.

    都讀: 向債務人追討款項應採取嘅步驟

  • Title searches at Lands Registry.
  • Structuring a vehicle for asset protection from creditors and frivolous law claims.
  • Drafting and perfection of title deeds of real estate transactions.
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property, including copyrights, 專利, trademark, 等.
  • Application for registration, licence, waiver or permit from NAFDAC, NIPC, NEPC, NOTAP, , Ncc, 尼日利亞海關Nigeria Immigration Service, 等.

    都讀: 尼日利亞對外國投資者和境外公司嘅移民考慮

  • Application for Tax Identification Number, Tax Clearance Certificates and VAT Identification Number. You will need a Tax Identification Number to open a corporate bank account and for tax compliance.
  • Review and negotiation of commercial agreements.
  • Creation of buy-sell agreements with bespoke terms and conditions.
  • Structuring of dispute settlement terms.

    都讀: 商業法律意見: 點解你同你嘅公司需要

  • Court representation in law claims.
The above is not an exhaustive list of legal tasks wherein entrepreneurs, 出口商, importers and overseas investors will require us to handle for them.


經常, 商務人士捲入了過於複雜嘅問題, 耗時過頭了, 或充滿法律風險和責任. A business lawyer can provide vital legal guidance and assistance in almost every aspect of your business to enable you to have peace of mind. 獲得法律幫助和指導可以保護你既商業冒險, 從長遠來看可以為你慳好多錢. 冇法律指導, 你很容易受到你既商業夥伴的攻擊(s), the government, employees, customers, clients, and anyone else; and this could become highly disruptive, 時間浪費, costly, energy sapping and a direct threat to your growth and survival in business.


As a business law firm based in Nigeria, we will be glad to assist offshore investors, foreign companies and exporters to navigate all aspects of immigration, 企業, 法律, 法規遵從性和盡職調查問題. Kindly reach us at +234-803-979-5959 或 +234-818-701-9206; or email at
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Starting business in Nigeria