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伊多雷因, 精明嘅大律師和仲裁員, 係 lex artifex llp 爭議解決業務組嘅成員. 伊多琳對尼日利亞司法系統有豐富的知識和理解, and has garnered wide experience involvement in some of the most intricate and complex arbitration, alternative dispute resolution proceedings and commercial court litigations from originating to appellate levels. This makes him a formidable member of the firm’s Disputes Resolution Practice Group.
Idoreyin has represented our clients in matters ranging from contracts disputes, 稅收, environmental issues, 房地產, 公司重組索賠, 公司清盤, 接管, government enforcement and immigration issues.
Idoreyin graduated with a BL from the Nigerian Law School, and an LL.B University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK.


  • 環境法
  • 企業和商業
  • 治理 & 風險與管理
  • 訴訟, 仲裁, 和 adr
  • 勞工事務
  • 公共政策
  • 法規遵從性
  • 白領防禦
  • 就業問題
  • 公司爭議解決
  • 尼日利亞律師協會
  • 特許仲裁員協會
  • 尼日利亞環境法協會